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    Born in Minnesota and now introduces to Moscow, Russia, the land of endless natural treasures. The warmth and empathy of our team, the aromas of wood-smoked dishes from the Josper grill and new wave of Russian wines.

Smoke on the water

In Russia, with its vast and varied landscapes and endless natural treasures, everyone has a personal get away place where one can enjoy tranquility of calming waters accompanied by the warmth of an evening log fire.

To recreate this cozy atmosphere, we offer you a combination of locally inspired mixology at its ARILD bar. Being our defining feature this master of the smoky flavor adds to meat an unparalleled taste. Josper Grill smoky flavors seal the meat without drying out, guaranteeing juicy and tender textures.


Behind the scenes


Inspired by the "S.O.L." (seasonal, organic, local) concept, they turn simple but high quality ingredients into rich but accessible dishes.